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A new project is a unique opportunity to look on your career path, which will be full of innovations, overcoming non-standard interesting tasks, cooperation with the international team, realization of leadership, management and professional skills.

Russian Gas Turbines LLC is an expert company in power engineering. We pursue ambitious tasks: to provide generating companies and industrial consumers with the most effective solutions in the electrical and heat power based on the leading gas turbine technologies. To achieve this, we find and engage in our team trusted and high-qualified professionals, who are ready to solve interesting and large tasks in power engineering.

If you are a high-qualified specialist and eager to continue your development, we can offer you:

  • complicated but interesting tasks;
  • professional team;
  • further professional development;
  • career development;
  • convenient employment benefits.

Russian Gas Turbines LLC is a company that appreciates professionalism, experience and knowledge!