Inter RAO Group General Electric

Production in Russia

A new manufacturing facility was built and commissioned within 2 years. It contains all the necessary equipment for manufacturing gas turbine units.

In October 2012 laid the first stone in the foundation of a plant that will produce 6FA industrial gas turbines 6FA (6F.03) within the frames of their joint venture Russian Gas Turbines LLC.

In April 2014 plant received a commissioning permit and started assembly of the first 6F.03 (6FA) turbine unit.

  • The foundation stone of a future plant was laid In October 2012.

  • A new plant of Russian Gas Turbines built in record-breaking short time.

  • Opening ceremony – October 24, 2014, Rybinsk.

  • The manufacturing process includes full assembly of a gas turbine unit.

  • Rotor is the only element delivered to the plant in the assembled form.

  • Turbine unit transported with a special platform with diesel engine and with 4-5 drive axles.

The plant is based in Kopayevo industrial area, Rybinsk, Yaroslavl region.

The plant opened its doors on October 24th, 2014.

Production capacity: 14 high-efficient gas turbine units 6F.03 (6FA) per year.

The structure of the manufacturing facility includes:

The assembly shop is a production line with the equipment for each stage of the assembly process.

The manufacturing process includes full assembling of a gas turbine.

"This plant is a good example of investment in technology localization. The work of the Company will make a real contribution in upgrade of the Russian energy sector, and will help to satisfy the growing demand for the innovative energy equipment."

President and Chief Executive Officer of GE for Russia and CIS, Ron Pollett.