Inter RAO Group General Electric

Contact Information

Limited Liability Company “Russian Gas Turbines” (LLC “RGT”)

28, Sysoevskaya ul. (East Industrial Area Kopaevo)
Rybinsk, Yaroslavl region, 152908
Tel. +7 (4855) 291-291
Fax +7 (4855) 291-292

Rybinsk plant

28, Sysoevskaya Str. (East Industrial Area Kopaevo),
Rybinsk, Yaroslavl region, 152908

Kaluga Service Center

GE Energy Technology Center, Rosva Industrial park Rosva,
Rosva, Kaluga, Kaluga region, 248903

Moscow Office (Business Center “Luch”)

27, Bolshaya Pirogovskaya Str., b. 4
Moscow, 119435
Tel. +7 (495) 981-01-75,
+7 (495) 981-01-76

Moscow Office (Business Center “Moscow City”)

10 Presnenskaya nab., block A, floor 8,
Moscow, 123112

Location map of the plant in Rybinsk

GPS coordinates
longitude: 38.9174

Location map of the Kaluga Service Center

GPS coordinates
latitude: 54.5235
longitude: 36.0525

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